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Dear Reader,

In my current profession I’m sent portfolio work from photographers from all around the world. If you are a longterm blogger with an interest in photography you too must have become aware of just how many creatives there are out there? There are also plenty of photographers that produce the same sort of work and seem to create only in reflex to the current trend. How does a Photographic Editor go about discovering a new talent that has the ability to consistently produce original work? Well that is a talent in itself. What you can do here in TalentedPhotographers is start making your own investigation into the world of up and coming talented creatives.

Are you aware of the value of a truly good photographer? We are visual beings and have been well educated by increasingly high standard of images. Images that are able to transform  the readership of a Magazine or Newspaper, boost the ratings of a Website or Blog, spectacularly  raise the attendance of a Gallery and turn an Advertisement into an Iconic symbol recognised all around the Globe. A seriously good photograph makes all the difference. And the difference can result in your  ‘product’ being ignored or becoming the latest sensation.

My aim here is to showcase those photographers that are contributing visually to our environment –  not just the top earners, but those with the potential to be great or even greater. Focusing on photographers whose images speak louder than words.




2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. What a great idea! I’m not a photographer but I use photography to explore the world of colour. I’ve been amazed by all the different styles that I’ve seen on other WordPress blogs since starting my own. Will definitely be following to see who you are going to feature next.

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